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 We use validated testing techniques and third party quality control so that our results will withstand any legal and/or professional verification. 

Reviews 2020

  • Tina L.

  • Phoenix, AZ

  •  1 review


During a challenging time in my life, I realized that I needed polygraph services and was referred to this agency.  I found Mr. Perry to be quite knowledgeable, professional and kind.  His expertise put my fears to rest and I was able to move forward quite confidently. I highly recommend his expertise to others that are needing this kind of service and if needed, I will utilize him again. Thanks for your hospitality!

  • Teodoro C.

  • Phoenix, AZ

  •  1 review

  • 5/13/2020

  • Best Polygraph Specialist in Arizona,  Mr. Perry is providing his professional service for more than 10 Years. Best Polygraph I ever knew.  I highly recommend  CREA Polygraph Services!

Our Integrated Security Mission

CREA BELIEVE is committed to providing first class service with clearly define objectives and 24 hours support, our job is to take care of the worries of life

  • Agung P.

  • Jakarta 

  •  1 review


CREA? Joe? Both are professional as I know, Crea is the name that we can learn all about polygraph and Joe is a good trainer, friendly and warm heart actually, I got all things about polygraph from zero to hero from him, and he give his knowledge about polygraph totally. I know Joe and Crea will get bigger.

Greeting from Indonesia - Poligraf Indonesia

Our Polygraph Mission

CREA BELIEVE is committed to provide high quality polygraph testing to   identify the untruthful and provide  the truthful with tools that will help in the civil justice system  and assistance to low-income Arizonans. 

  • Connie R.

  • San Francisco, CA

  •  1 review

  • 6/3/2020

  • Tengo tiempo en que conozco está empresa, la recomiendo ampliamente por su profesionalisno y compromiso al trabajo de Polígrafo

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