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Clients receive Polygraph results immediately 

Our team of professionals highly trained in the art of truth detection uses cutting-edge technology and proven techniques to provide you with accurate and reliable results. Whether you need to validate the authenticity of a statement, investigate a sensitive matter or resolve a conflict, we are here to support you.

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Polygraph Services 

Spanish and English

Legal Polygraph Services


Theft. Fraud. Child abuse, Arson, Assault, Drug Investigation, Sex Crimes, Immigration.

Used in civil cases, like disputes in business partnerships,

family law cases, insurance fraud, etc.

The focus is on issues relevant to the civil litigation at hand.


Personal issues


Individuals sometimes use polygraph tests for personal reasons, such as proving innocence in disputes, or other private matters. Security Companies. Cleaning services. Home Health Care. Private Tutoring Instructors,

Infidelity issues


Specifically focused on relationship issues,

particularly infidelity. These tests are more personal in nature

and are usually sought by individuals or couples. 



Post and Pre-employment Screening


law enforcement agencies

Many government jobs, especially in law enforcement or sensitive government positions,

require polygraph tests as part of the hiring process.

These tests typically focus on past behavior, honesty, drug use, and other relevant issues.


Government programs

Post-conviction Sex Offender Program for adult and Juvenile

Periodic, specific  and Maintenance Test

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 Clients receive Polygraph results immediately 

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