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“Thank you for choosing us. We do Polygraph Test is all we do”

We provide affordable and professional investigation Polygraph testing. Our service include Allegations of child molestation, child abuse, assault, homicide, fraud, theft, burglary, rape, sex crimes, indecent exposure, robbery, infidelity, inappropriate behavior, information verification, all types of crimes and behavior.

We provide service for post and pre-employment. Our service include security companies, cleaning services, Home Health Care, Massage parlor, Spa, Teachers, Nanny services, Babysitters, personal drivers, roommate, new relationships, personal trainer, people who going to be in control of your trust.

Please call if you need a lie detector test, polygraph, Intense interview. Serving the Phoenix, Metropolitan area, all cities in Arizona and the Mexico boarder include Tijuana, Mexicali, Nogales, Hermosillo and Ciudad Juarez.

We provide Polygraph service in Spanish and English.

Nuestros servicios de polígrafo son de bajo costos y proporcionamos resultados inmediatos.

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